Port of Houston

The mission of the Port of Houston Authority is to provide, operate and maintain waterways and cargo and passenger facilities to promote trade and generate favorable economic effects upon and contribute to the economic development of the port authority, the city of Houston, Harris County and the Texas coastal region at rates that provide sufficient funds to cover the port authority’s operational expenses and capital investments.

Website: www.porthouston.com

Principal Cargoes

Imports: Petroleum and petroleum products; iron and steel; crude fertilizers and minerals; organic chemicals; wood and articles of wood.

Exports: Petroleum and petroleum products; organic chemicals; cereals and cereal products; plastics; animal or vegetable fats and oils.


Port of Houston Authority
P.O. Box 2562
Houston, Texas 77252-2562
713-670-2453 or 713-670-2429 (Fax)

Executive Director
Roger Guenther
[email protected]

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