Port of Corpus Christi

It is the mission of the Port of Corpus Christi to serve as a regional economic development catalyst while protecting and enhancing its existing industrial base and simultaneously working to diversity its international maritime cargo business. In pursuit of this mission, the Port shall be guided by the following basic principles:

  • The Port shall conduct its affairs in a positive, open, and cooperative manner;
  • The Port shall operate in a fiscally responsible manner;
  • The Port shall be a positive and proactive force in the protection of the region’s marine and water-related resources; and
  • The Port shall be committed to serving its customers—present and future

Website: www.portofcorpuschristi.com

Principal Cargoes

Imports: Crude oil, gas oil, fuel oil, bauxite ore, feed stock, naphtha, condensate, reformate, toluene, frozen beef, fresh fruits.

Exports: Fuel oil, gasoline, feed stock, diesel, alumina, petroleum coke, toluene, cumene gas oil, asphalt, coal.


Port of Corpus Christi Authority
P.O. Box 1541
Corpus Christi, Texas 78403
361-882-5633 or 361-882-7110 (Fax)

Port Chief Executive Officer
Sean Strawbridge
[email protected]

Legislative Contact
Nelda Olivo
Manager, Government Affairs
[email protected]
361-881-5160 (Fax)

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