Port of Beaumont

The Port of Beaumont is responsible to the taxpayers of its district for the improvement of navigation and the development of maritime shipping and waterborne-related commerce to and from its wharves; and for the maintenance, development, extension, and improvement of wharf and dock facilities of the Port of Beaumont to promote economic growth in our district and the State of Texas and in the interest of national defense.

Website: www.portofbeaumont.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/port-of-beaumont
Facebook: facebook.com/beaumonttxport
Twitter: twitter.com/PortofBeaumont

Principal Cargoes

Imports: Forest products (eucalyptus pulp), aggregate, military cargo, project cargo, metal articles, wind turbine components.

Exports: Military cargo, metal articles, vehicles, crude oil, diesel, gasoline, USDA bagged goods, aggregate.


Port of Beaumont
P.O. Drawer 2297
Beaumont, Texas 77704
409-835-5367 or 409-835-0512 (Fax)

Port Director
David C. Fisher, Port Director & CEO

Legislative Contact
Sade Chick, Director of Corporate Affairs

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