Port of Brownsville

It is the mission of the Port of Brownsville (Brownsville Navigation District) to be a leader in business development by providing state of the art infrastructure expansion, developing economic opportunities, providing the best transportation facilities possible, and exhibiting high standards of public administration with the ultimate goal being to improve the quality of life and create employment opportunities, gain the public’s trust and confidence in order to increase growth and development and establish the port as a world class port.

Website: www.portofbrownsville.com

Principal Cargoes

Imports: Steel slab, hot and cold roll, steel plate, steel beams (billets), iron ore.

Exports: Steel products, petroleum products, lubricants, and grain.


Port of Brownsville
1000 Foust Road
Brownsville, Texas 78521
956-831-4592 or 956-831-5006 (Fax)

Port Director
Eduardo A. Campirano
[email protected]

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