Texas Ports Association

Ranked No. 2 among the 50 U.S. states in waterborne commerce, Texas Ports handle 616.2 million tons of foreign and domestic cargo and generate $449.6 billion of total economic value for the State of Texas, representing 25% of Texas gross domestic product (GDP).

  • Texas Ports impact over 1.8 million jobs, generating $102 billion in personal income.
  • Texas has led the nation in exports for 17 consecutive years, thanks in large part to the state’s ports that facilitate the movement of U.S. products to the world marketplace.
  • $7.8 billion of state and local taxes were created due the economic activity of the related users of the cargo moving via public marine terminals.
  • Three Texas Ports rank in the top 5 in total tonnage in the U.S.: Port Houston (2nd), Port of Beaumont (4th), and Port of Corpus Christi (5th).
  • Texas Gulf Coast seaports are home to recreational fishing and commercial sea food processing locations that contribute to Texas’ general and tourism economy.
  • Over 2.2 million vacation cruise passengers sailed from Texas, making the Port of Galveston the 4th busiest cruise port in North America.
  • Three Texas ports are designated by the Department of Defense as Strategic Military Ports, providing surface deployment and distribution for strategic military cargo worldwide.